30-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain solar telescope

30-cm eye to the chromosphere

A new solar telescope is about to be established in the solar tower at National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen, Bulgaria (41° 41’51″; N 24° 44’19″; E, 1759 m). The telescope is currently under construction and is expected to receive its first light in 2022. The 30-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector is going to be focused on chromospheric observations.

30-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector diagram
Aperture D305 mm
Focal length F3050 mm
Effective focal length Feff5000-15000 mm
Field of view2.5’ × 2.5’ – 10’ × 10’
Spectral range656.28 nm (Hα)
Spatial resolution0.5’’
Line-of-sight velocity resolution0-10 km/s